Old Famous Black & White Photographs Now in Full Color – Before and After

Have you ever wondered while looking at the old black and white photographs how would colors actually look like? What was the color of someone’s shirt, or hair or lipstick? Digital artist and retoucher, known as ‘Retro Brush’, brings the color back, way back in the past. He’s obsessed with good old times, and his curiosity with the black and white photographs made him what he is today. Graphic and web designer for over 10 years, he’s been coloring old photos as a hobby for a long time. Now he shares with the world his passion for retouching (no pun intended) old photos, and the feedback couldn’t be better. He speaks about people’s reaction to his work in this way: “There are positive and, of course, negative ones. Both make me smile. There are people that are very excited, some are not and some are even offended. The last ones are the most interesting to me. I like to see reactions and emotions, no matter what kind.” Be sure to follow Retro Brush on his Instagram for more ‘blast from the past’ reanimations.

‘Retro Brush’ is a digital artist behind these retouched black and white photos


He had always wondered about real colors behind B & W Photos.

This man should have never worn that


He spent his free time coloring old photographs

Finally, he shared his passion with the world

And he was overwhelmed by so many great reactions


“quality of retouched version depends on original one”

Now Retro Brush is working on his new collection of retouched photos


And he promises even greater quality!


via [boredpanda]