One Creative Mum and the Whole New World of Food Characters

Sine is our praised lady and food artist behind the Foodbites. This culinary creative brings fruit and vegetables to life by transforming them into super-cute characters. By using melted chocolate and other confectionery embellishments, Sine gives everyday ingredients from her fruit bowl cartoon eyes, expressive mouths, and sometimes even paws and tails. She also carves features from the food itself – in one piece called “Mr. Jawsome” she sculpted a shark’s friendly toothy grin from a watermelon. In another, Sine filled banana skins with kiwis to create adorable “peas in a pod”. Our food wizard is the mother of three – two boys and a girl named Sophie, who loves ice cream and truly appreciate Christmas presents. We’re sure you will enjoy our favorite picks but you should also follow Sine on her delicious Instagram Page.


Don’t Worry, Pea Happy

Melon Pelicans


Hooray for Totoro!

The Dalmatian Family

After School Crudites platter with carrots, cucumber, melon, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, yellow pepper, two types of hummus and some hungry chocolate strawberry ladybugs.

Sceptical Bunny Berry Cones


The Safari Edition

Bee Mine Forever

The Extended Bird Family


Bonjour, Mon Cherry


Mozzarella Chicks

Mr. and Mrs. Toadstool

Mr. and Mrs. Martian


We already mentioned Mr. Jawsome.

All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies ♫ – Flamingo Beyonce

Twin Delivery

Purple Hair – Don’t Care!


The Banana Raccoon Family

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