Scared to Death by Nothing Again – Just Another Optical Illusion Spook Fest

Optical illusions occur because our brain is trying to interpret what we see and make sense of the world around us. Sometimes we don’t have a complete image or it’s too dark to clearly see and our brain just feels so smart that he can figure it out all by itself. Well, these are the times brain just shouldn’t do that.

An amazing thing that you can do with your buddy or lover or buddy lover or even dog that is not your lover hopefully is a brilliantly scary optical illusion that requires only a person starring back at you from a very close range. You need to keep looking at each other’s faces and the room has to be dim, where you can barely see a head in front of you. Because you can’t clearly see your buddy’s or hamster-lover’s face your brain will start to bring some weird pieces together morphing a person’s face into a monster, demon, and some parts like eyes will start flying away and melt down. Quite scary and everyone can do it! So sorry for the nightmares.

Now you got 2


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Paprika cat killer

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So simple, so brilliant. I’m gonna do this tomorrow


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They say it was just a sunset reflection. I say their home is gone to hell at least

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Bacon clown

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Paper delivery guy retrieving a miss-thrown paper from the roof

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You gave me a bone with no meat. I give you a scare to death human. That’s how we roll.


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A classic bride ghost emergency Light

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Falling asleep like there’s no tomorrow

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Gonna do this also tomorrow to somebody

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When a housemate dries his fishing waders – it’s deadly

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Random look at the baby monitor. Middle of the night. Barely survived.

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And then he moved!


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The wife left kids’ presents in the car with no telling.

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Make sure to try out the amazing spooky optical illusion test we’ve described in the text above. GL HF!