Our Favorite 25 Wedding Photos of 2019 from Junebug Wedding

“Empowering couples around the world with the inspiration and resources to create a celebration worthy of their love.” This is the motto of Junebug Weddings, one of the most popular online wedding planning sites. As you can see the photography below is world-class just like the trusted list of recommended wedding professionals Junebug Weddings provide. Planning tips and advice, contests open to everyone and much more is right in front of you, just call or write and they will gladly chat with you. We often like to say that we don’t really care about that special day, but we all know deep down we’re lying to ourselves at least a little bit. Junebug Weddings are there for you! Until that day comes, enjoy their special photography list of the best wedding photos of the previous year. We’ve taken our 25 favorites out of their top 50 list, so for the rest of them make sure to check their official website. We’ve also covered a story of another organization last year called ‘The Fearless Awards 2018’ where they’ve listed some of the most chucklesome wedding photos to make your day.

Lausanne, Switzerland by Midhat Mulabdić


Horta De Sant Joan, Spain by Roberto Ramos

Mahu When, Wanaka, New Zealand by Carla Mitchell

Fiji by Ropate Kama


Big Sur, California – by Jonas Peterson

Mona, Tasmania, Australia by Stephanie Kindermann

Lithuania by Vilnis Sluka

Bend, Oregon, The United States by Baylee Dennis


Fraser River Lodge, Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada by Candice Anderson

Brittland Manor, Chestertown, Maryland, The United States by Kate Morris

Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada by Célestine Aerden

Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada by Shari Vallely


Castell De Sant Marçal, Barcelona, Spain by Dallas Kolotylo

Monasterio Del Espino, Miranda De Ebro, Spain by Daniel Alonso

Downtown San Francisco, California, The United States by Helena and Laurent

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Ronnie Hill


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada by Cat Chang

Helsinki, Finland by Jaakko Perälä

Lievelinge, Vuren, The Netherlands by Elke Verbruggen

Copenhagen, Denmark by Pavol Delej


Sword In Hand, Hertfordshire, The United Kingdom by Joab Smith

Valentine, Downtown Los Angeles, California, The United States by Joel Bedford

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala by Daniel López Pérez

Mountains by Maddie Mae


Glen Etive, Scotland by Darek Lukasik

Via [boredpanda]