Streets of Amsterdam by Stijn Hoekstra

As winter approaches, fantastic photographer Stijn Hoekstra based in Amsterdam, Holland showcases the calm, cold yet beautifully soothing atmosphere of his city. Brilliantly captured soft hues and oncoming fog evoke shivers and awe to the spectators. Hoekstra delivers us in a magnificent fashion fascinating


Meet Luhu, Cat with Saddest Eyes in the World

There are many sad examples such are Toby Flenderson of “The Office”, Stuart Bloom from “The Big Bang Theory”, and of course yourself. Yeah, you, the reader. So sad. I could write this entire story just about you but nobody wants to read that. Just like everything I write for this site. Everyone

27 Cozy and Casual Outfit Ideas to Copy ASAP This Fall

This transitional season is the best one both for weather and fashion. So we thought it would be fun to collect some inspirational outfit ideas for you to copy right away. Surely, you must already have many of these pieces in your wardrobe as they are so versatile ones and after checking