What Went Wrong? Painting Babies During the Renaissance Period

Leonardo da Vinci comes from the era of Renaissance artists so you might think that artists of that time were extraordinary in every aspect. They were brilliant, of course, but for some reason, some of them just couldn’t paint a baby. Especially the face of a baby. As you can see, the faces of these babies look like the faces of miniaturized old men and women. They even look older than their parents, as if these painters have never seen a baby in their life! Some believe that baby Jesus looks like a little man to remove one’s emotional response to the baby, to look at it as a god. Some believe that it represents Jesus as fully human and fully divine, with full godly knowledge. Yet to us at Curious Doodle these babies simply look… hmm, help us find the perfect word, how would you describe them?

I can’t wait to frame this photo in my apartment


Disturbing in so many ways

When your baby’s older than you and loves holding cantaloupes



Are you going to give me that strange fig or should I let my bird take it from you?

This little guy looks at that bird like he’s gonna eat it


An epic applaud

I mean, this is just a full grown-up


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