Paintings Framed to Blend Perfectly with Nature – by Aaron Schuerr

Experience nature through the eyes of the fascinating Aaron Schuerr. Artist, writer, actor, husband and a father, Aaron is extremely proud of each part of his life. He started painting early, working with oils and pastels, while studying for an art degree in Scotland. Soon after graduating, Aaron moved to Montana where nature found him. “We reside in Livingston, Montana, a small town at the foot of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and within striking distance of Yellowstone National Park. Basically, I’ve got a lifetime worth of inspiration a short drive from my home,” artist shares. The artwork we’re looking at today is a beautiful blending landscape paintings of which frame becomes a part of nature itself. Like a tiny dimension from another world, a piece of art of vivid colors and a perfect composition.
For more of Aaron Schuerr’s paintings visit his official website and Instagram.

The artwork by proud artist, writer, actor, husband and a father – Aaron Schuerr

As a youngster, Aaron had already started to paint with oils and pastels

Artist has an art degree in Scotland

His paintings are like a dimension, a mirror of his soul enabling us to see nature through artist’s eyes

Living close to the Yellowstone National Park Aaron found an endless source of inspiration

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