Paintings That Change When Looked At From Two Different Angles by Sergi Cadenas

Having 32k followers on Instagram truly is too little for artists of this caliber, for the amazing self-taught painter from Spain – Sergi Cadenas. If you’re looking for the greatest optical illusionist within painters, look no further, Sergi is your man! Masterpiece after masterpiece, all displayed in art galleries or bought by great art collectors around the globe. The series that went viral by Sergi Cadenas and the series that we’re talking about today are the truly magical large-scale paintings, portraits of celebrities or loved ones from Cadena’s personal life. The true magic lies in the illusion that happens when the portrait completely changes when you move from the left to the right side of the painting. An incredible way to gradually change the model’s face from young to old, from white to black. Motives of duality, race, and emotions are often executed in the most wonderful way, as you can see in the photos below.
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“A different way of appreciating the two sides of the same painting by the artist Sergi Cadenas, this painting is located in Gallery Artmundi (Paris).”

Photo credits: Sergi Cadenas

INCREDIBLE! Sergi’s paintings have two faces that reveal themselves when looked at from two different angles!

Simply passing by the painting, the hidden second painting will gradually be shifted

Amazing way to deal with motives of duality, race, and emotions.


But Sergi didn’t waste the opportunity to put a smile on your face either.


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