Paperboyo – Black Paper Cut-Outs by Travel Photographer Rich McCor

Rich McCor, better known as Paperboyo, is a talented photographer who travels around the globe carrying his tiny paper cut-outs that blend in with reality and its giant architecture. The recognition of his exceptional work brought him more than 500k followers on his Instagram page. Paper creative who sees things differently welcomes you to join him on his journeys across the world. No landmark and no city can escape the silliness that comes with black paper cutouts from the hands of Brighton-based artist. Paperboyo has an eye for angles and imaginative realities. From local areas, he tends to stretch his legs soon to Netherlands, New York, and Taipei. If you like what you see check out the prints that you can get in all shapes and sizes at the

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By Rich McCor aka Paperboyo

Photo credits: Paperboyo

Freddie Mercury

The Queen’s Gambit

Paperboyo is a photographer/artist who travels around the world with his black paper cut-outs


It seems like Paperboyo’s skills are unmatched and unlimited

He brings music to the boring gray architecture

He brings fancy cuisine to the Brooklyn Bridge


An athlete that you never knew was there…

A whole competition!

Paperboyo sees things differently and he welcomes you to join him on his journey.

Relax and enjoy.

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