Pareidolia: Artist Sees Faces Everywhere He Looks and Turns Them Into Characters

Keith Larsen is an amazing artist who creates art out of the most boring objects there are. Using ‘pareidolia’ almost in a super-hero way he brings illustrated characters to life with a poetic backstory for each one. “Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.” For an example: seeing a shape of an elephant in the cloud. This awesome dude is my spirit animal. I am a poet myself and in my home, there is a freaking tile wall with a vast number of pareidolia born characters in my mind which I wanted to draw too. Now knowing that there is someone else with a similar way of seeing and thinking about those creatures we see everywhere makes me feel actually really great. Thanks, Keith Larsen for your adorable cartoony characters and their lovely backstories, it’s inspirational how far a simple idea can reach and conquer. Please feel free to check out his Instagram or Facebook Page.

Keith Larsen uses ‘pareidolia’ as a super-hero power to bring these characters to life


The tendency to perceive a specific image in a random visual pattern of different phenomena

These ilustrations next to the original source of inspiration are perfect example of pareidolia


For each character drawn, Keith makes a beautiful and vity poems as their backstories

You can even buy stickers of his adorable characters


I’m the drunk octopus looking to fight. Fear the left hook and the jab of my right.

WOAH, all this traction can cause a fire!


via [boredpanda]