Peculiar Vintage Men’s Hairstyles That Seem Out of Time

Ross Geller from friends and his famous afro hairstyle was the first thing that came to mind the moment I saw these photos. Believe it or not, all of these photos are under the ownership of one collector, Robert E. Jackson, who owns over 14,000 snapshots. The way he ended up being a real-life Collector from Marvel, was through an anonymous or sometimes even direct approach to the subjects to obtain the rights. His collection was even featured in the 2007 exhibition at the National Gallery in D.C. “The Art of the American Snapshot.” Thanks to Jackson we can clearly see how the hair fashion had progressed from some absolute bonkers to some classy styles. As always there will be people looking like they’re out of time, and in Jackson’s collection, there are many of these rebels. Visit Jackson’s Instagram to see more vintage photos from the humble beginnings of amateur photography, to the late 20th century.
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Incredible photo collection by the great collector Rober E. Jackson

Collection owned by Robert E. Jackson

This guy is my spirit animal.

I just had to. (Not in the actual collection owned by Rober E. Jackson)

Credits: Warner Bros. Television, Friends (TV series)

You can tell this fella loved his hair.

You can tell these guys didn’t.

Just, why… I guess Ronaldo did it… Learn from others’ mistakes!


He really went for it.


Tom Riddle?

Make me a Jesus


He acts like there’s nothing to talk about.

Pretty epic.

That look took down many ladies.

Bart is that you?

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