Peggy the Penguin Kitty Stands and Walks Like Penguin Each Day

Part cat, part penguin – Peggy the penguin kitty is all about standing on two legs and box life. This little fatty is one of the most impressive tuxedo cats you’ll ever see. Her incredible talent for standing on two legs combined with her big belly and black and white coat made her TikTok famous as the penguin cat who attracts a couple of millions for each video. Peggy is around 8-10 years old, owners assume. They adopted the little chubby 6 years ago and “have been loving her every minute,” as they said in an interview for Bored Panda. “She started ‘penguining’ the first day we brought her home and has continued to do it every day since.” The daily routine is no secret. After breakfast, Peggy moves outside for some bird watching on the cat-proofed patio. Some nap time in her cardboard boxes, her bed, by the window, or under the Christmas tree“In the evening time, Peggy loves to play with strings or any toys with a bell. She gets her daily brush after dinner and then follows me to bed.”

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Photo credits: Peggy the Penguin Kitty

Peggy was adopted 6 years ago, just don’t tell her that.

Now she’s a TikTok star with millions of fans.

Just finished her workout. She’s not chubby, that’s all muscle.


What did you say, kind sir?

She’s all about box life.

From day one Peggy started ‘penguining’ and she does it every day.

She loves napping under the Christmas tree.


Peggy loves playing with strings and toys that have bells.

That was a mistake. How will she ever get up?


via [boredpanda]