Complex Pencil Production Looks Much more Intriguing Than We Thought

You can check out our other story about Christopher Payne and his celebration of the American textile industry in all of its colorful glory, but right now were are covering his photography about the complex process of pencil manufacturing. This is the process you might have never thought about, but now just by looking at it, you wonder how come nobody knows more about it. It looks incredible, complex, and massive (obviously due to an enormous production and need). As with everything most of the human labors have been replaced by these extremely efficient machines yet there are some parts of the process that still need us luckily. All this for just a pencil that you take so lightly never ever thinking about how it was made. Simply incredible insight once again delivered by the great Chris Payne.

More info: Official website (Christopher Payne)

Photographer Payne has built a great relationship with General Pencil Company, one of the last remaining pencil factories in the US

Photo credits: Christopher Payne /Esto

The owners let Payne inside of a factory in Jersey City, New Jersey, more than thirty times to document everything that he needs.

Between fall 2015 and summer 2017 Payne was granted access to the production floor.

The results of his presence are here and they tell us a story none of us ever stopped to wonder about.


How do they make pencils? It turns out it’s quite complex, intriguing, and massive.

The market needs them so they stack them in really large numbers.


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