People Who Look Exactly Like the Younger Versions of Their Parents/Grandparents

Copy-paste genes are always fun to see, and the further the ancestors are on the family tree the more interesting it gets. Being a reincarnation of someone who already lived their entire life in a completely different world than it is today, can bring a strange sense of repetition, the same old world, just another cycle. We’ve already talked about Ulric Collette’s mindblowing family portraits where you can see the left side of the face of a parent and the right side of the face of a child. Today we’re talking about non-professional photos and comparisons self-initiated from people all around the world. We’ve all heard at least once: “You look exactly like your grandmother/grandfather when he/she was young.” Now you can see that sometimes it really is true! Here are our top 10 copy-paste genes examples! Also check out our other post: 20 Unique Genetics That You Need to See to Believe.

Mother and daughter

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Striking eyes strike again

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“My daughter and I have the same dimple in our foreheads.”

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“I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow.”

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