Personal Project: “Heartbreak” – Devastating Human Impact on Planet

Photographer and digital artist Felix Hernandez visualizes his “thoughts, dreams, and ideas” through fantastical photos crafted from toy models, hand-built sets, and clever camera tricks. His latest project – Heartbreak, explores the negative impact we humans are having on our planet. Heartbreak is the first of a new series, in which Hernandez plans to use miniature animal figures to represent real people and ideas. The moving image shows the two elephants separated by a crumbling, heart-shaped crevasse that was caused by the weight of their own footsteps. The lifelike rock is rendered from sculpted foam, while the toy elephants and various model elements are added to finish the scene. After Hernandez snaps a photo of the set up in his studio, he edits it in Photoshop to bring his artistic vision to life. Take a look at Hernandez’s portfolio on Behance and visit his Instagram Page for more stunning art pieces. Also, find out more about him and his projects on his website and YouTube Channel.


“Nature is beautiful, it’s amazing, and we all are part of it,” says Hernandez.

“But with our actions we are taking it down. When I look into the eyes of my son, it breaks my heart, knowing the place I’m leaving him behind.”


Hernandez explains, “In Heartbreak, the baby elephant represents my youngest son and the adult elephant represents me.”

“The message behind the series is simple.”

via [mymodernmet]