Xomatok Does it Again! New Prismatic Murals of Long 13 Staircases in Peru

Xomatok is a visual artist and art director who had been making neglected street parts of the cities more beautiful with his vibrant bursts of color like the ones you can see below. In 2018 he had adorned the old walls of Villa el Salvador, the district of Lima in Peru. His latest work is the prismatic murals, similar to the Andean textiles of incredibly lively colors across 13 different super long staircases that spread across the hills of Lima. His prismatic murals look like handwoven Andrean blankets that cover already impressive pathways through Alisos de Amauta neighborhood. Xomatok took the 2 months that he spent in Lima to collaborate with other artists and residents with a goal to transform the public staircases. The spectrum of energetic colors that Xomatok used resembles the traditional textiles of Peru. The long event was a celebration of cultural history and ended up being a truly beautiful process of making art. Take an aerial look at staircases by checking out the rest of the photos on Xomatok’s Instagram.

Prismatic murals of 13 staircases in Lima, Peru, by Xomatok

Photogrpahed by Jeremy Flores, Art by Xomatok

This was a collaboration with other artists and locals


The colors that Xomatok used resembles the traditional textiles of Peru.


Here are some of his previous works from 2018. Location: the district of Lima called Villa el Salvador (Peru)

Purificación (2018)

Detail, Purificación (2018)

Luz del Sur (2018)

via [thisiscolossal]