Loving Gaze of a Pet Initiate Heartmelt

There are studies proving cats and dogs love their owners, maybe not exactly like human love, but in a very similar way. And then the war of pet lovers starts. Who loves you more, cats, or dogs?! There are many types of research about dogs, so bored panda reached out to Dr. Vitale from the OSU Human-Animal Interaction Lab which took great attention to cat-human relationships. “Our research has demonstrated that pet cats can form stable, affectional attachment bonds with their owners. The majority of cats have the capacity to use their owner as a source of comfort and security, especially when faced with stressful or unfamiliar situations. In humans, we know that attachment bonds can be impacted by how the caretaker handles negative experiences. So if you know that a stressful event is going to occur, such as if you are moving or taking the cat to the veterinarian, it is particularly important to remain calm and provide positive attention to your cat. This can help the cat continue to see you as a source of comfort and security.” The attachment bond seems to be proven very similar when it comes to cats and dogs and even human infants towards their caretakers. “The majority of individuals in all species are securely attached to their caregiver, meaning they use their caregiver as a source of comfort and security in an unfamiliar situation.”

We Don’t Deserve Dogs

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My Sister And Brother-In-Law Just Rescued A Kitten. Look At How Happy He Is! Enough Love To Make A Kitten Smile

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We Brought Charlie Home A Month Ago Now And I Can’t Get Over That Look Of Pure Love In His Eyes

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The Face She Makes When My Husband Holds Her

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Meet Harper. She Likes To Lay On My Chest And Just Stare At Me Like This

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Sometimes I Catch Her Just Staring And Smiling At Me. She’s My Precious Love

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My Brother Took Our Cat To Prom. Just Take A Look At How The Cat Stares At Him

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