Surreal and Dreamlike Photo Manipulation by Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a digital artist and photographer from Germany. His work is motivated by the desire to open other people’s minds to help them discover their internal landscape of possibilities or impossibilities. “I hope that the viewer perceives a new and different world, one which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind,” – Peters wrote. Scroll down to see his surreal art and don’t forget to visit Peters’ Instagram.



Waterfall Dress

Hidden Places



“This was one of my best pics in 2016. Here is another edit of it!” – Peters wrote on his Instagram

“Eruption Of Joy – Who wants a flight? Carousel edit inspired by Kevin Dowd.”

Palm-Treelephant – Inspired by Stephen McMennamy

Surfing Clouds





“👒 + 🐪 Caption this!”


“Quitting is not an option when you’re halfway done. (Caption by @akramsuhaimi)”

Umbrella Road

My coffee my adventure


“Colosseum candle – All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. Stay strong Italy.”

Moon Fascination

“Heroes don’t wear capes, they wear masks! Respect to the doctors and nurses who go through the hardest time in hospitals all over the world while we stay at home, working on a vaccine, risking their own lives, and the ones who already lost it to save our world.”

“Lockdown – Where is the key? How do you spend your time at home?”

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