Photo Series Adorned with 24-karat Gold Leaf and Semi-Precious Stones

When you think about artistic masterpieces what comes across your mind? Well, when we saw for the first time portraits from the series “If I’m No Longer Here, I Wanted You to Know” we were certain that’s it, that’s our new association for the outstanding art creation. Tawny Chatmon, a photographic artist is the one behind our new obsession. She overlays portraits of young children and families with dabs of 24-karat gold leaf, precious stones, and watercolor details. Chatmon in a glorious way represents unity and togetherness born out of the ongoing pandemic, all through digital collages and hand-gilded pieces. Also, you can’t unsee that Gustav Klimt’s Golden Phase magnificence, which is quite remarkable and well implemented. Another thing about this series and Tawny Chatmon herself is, of course, her personal story and her way to celebrate Black fathers and how important they are, passing down the memory of her father who died 10 years ago. So beautiful and so emotional, we encourage you to scroll down and take a close look at these majestic pieces. And don’t forget to follow Tawny Chatmon on her Instagram for more mind-blowing art.


By Tawny Chatmon

Photo credits: Tawny Chatmon



“Created in Her Image” – artist’s cousins

“The Burden Was Never Yours to Carry”

“Look Forward, Beloved Boy”

via [thisiscolossal]