Photographer’s Dog Dies, Yet Lives on in This Adorable Photo Series

Prepare yourself for a wonderful pet story full of love and pain, the story about overcoming the sorrow yet never forgetting what we had. Multi-award winning newborn, pregnancy and family photographer Sujata Setia became a mother in 2013 and her baby girl had her best friend Mustang, the dog. Sujata loved Mustang as a son, and everyone loved him as well. Sujata’s clients often wanted to take photo shoots with her pet and their newborn (few can be seen below). A heartbreaking day came and Mustang suddenly passed away, leaving a family devastated. Husband had an idea to get a new pet to make their daughter feel better. Sujata dismissed that thought as she recalls: “I couldn’t bring myself to love another pet like I loved Mustang. So when he went away, I started to photograph babies with other furry creatures. It was my way to deal with my loss, or tell myself that in some form, he is still around. Taking these images have helped me heal and we are soon going to bring home two wonderful puppies and one of them… we will name Mustang.” You can follow this wonderful artist on Instagram and her official page.


Multi-award winning newborn, pregnancy and family photographer

Sujata has a daughter and their best friend was Mustang, the dog


Artist decided to take photos with her little baby girl and Mustang

Soon, clients wished for Mustang to share the spotlight with their newborns

Everyone loved Mustang and Sujata loved him as a son

Suddenly he passed away


Here is the photo of Mustang with client’s baby

As the way of dealing with grief, Sujata had created this photo series


Honoring the love and everything he meant to the family

Even thought, artist never ever wished to have another pet,

This project had changed her mind and the family will welcome 2 new puppies, naming one Mustang.