Eggceptional Picturesque Breakfast Eggs by Italian Michele Baldini

Give this man an egg and he will return you a smile on your face. Eggsperience the magical breakfast Michele Baldini makes each morning. Many of us take pictures of our food and bore others to death with it. But Baldini is exceptional food artist with a talent for painting with eggs. With pop culture, references and recreations of classical artworks like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” his breakfast photos are the ones to follow, which you can do on his Instagram page. The Italian artist has only 7000 followers but he’s just started to impress the world with his imagination, spatula, and cracked eggs. Try to see if you can recognize what each of these picturesque breakfasts represent.

Rey would eat him up for lunch

Before the Afrika went its own way

I thought it was a joke because spatula had a bite mark, then I realized it wasn’t a spatula at all

Christmas Time Is Here

Deathstar – the deadliest egg in the universe

One of the best

Is Baldini Van Gogh’s identical twin? Cuz they’re devoloped from the same egg? No. Ok.

Yin and yang

I can’t figure this one out? Help

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