Picturesque Miniature Carved Wood Worlds by Thibaut Malet

Thibaut Malet educated himself artistically at ESMA, a school of applied arts, to reach this level of perfection. After graduating in 2010, his portfolio started to grow. But Malet didn’t start learning about crafts at ESMA. He had spent a lot of time in his father’s workshop, practicing the family’s cabinetry business. At the age of 10, he started sculpting the organic material, but compared to his father’s craft his creations were much smaller, in size that is. The woodworking family was based in Montpellier, France, and Malet was the third generation of woodworkers. With just 10 years he was able to recreate the world around him as miniature scenes, inventing new worlds and all that in his father’s workshop. “It was a way to work with wood without using the too dangerous machines of my father. My parents organized a tiny workshop in a small room, and it was perfect,” Malet shared in an interview with Colossal. Years after, Malet became a designer and wood artist, as well as an architect and furniture maker. All these experiences made him the great artist/craftsman he is today. Capable of creating equipment, houses, the entire villages, and forests that can fit into the palm of a hand. He has always been keen on challenging himself to make his creations as small as possible. The goal is to use the least amount of material, showcasing how you can save material and space.

More info: Instagram, Official Shop, Behance.

By French woodworker – Thibaut Malet

Photo credits: Thibaut Malet

I wish I could be a wooden toy living here forever.

You can buy these tiny landscapes through the Malet’s online shop


The level of perfection is sublime.

Malet is a thrid-generation of woodworkers in his family.

He started sculpting organic material when he was just 10-years-old.


Today he can carve the worlds to fit into the palm of his hand.

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