Beautifully Detailed and Picturesque Scenery Tattoos by Kevin Ray

If you are a tattoo collector especially in love with scenery tattoos, Kevin Ray is an artist for you. This tattoo artist combines beautifully detailed natural features of a landscape with his unique neo-traditional-like way of tattooing and coloring. Bald lines, bright colors, everything is so precisely arranged. The well thought composition and layout of his work make the designs look great as a tattoo. Very clean lines, incredibly neat, Ray’s tattoos are like little paintings or even piece of jewelry. Believe it or not, designs are drawn on the day of the appointment. That’s the regular practice as the artist says, and he needs only a short description of the customer’s idea upfront and all of the details will be discussed upon arriving. Ray’s private studio is located in Gibsonville, North Carolina and is open by appointment only. If you are interested, visit the artist’s website where you can find more useful and contact information. Or if you’re just into scrolling through his appealing artworks and admiring, there is Kevin’s Instagram Page, either way, enjoy!

#linville tattoo

Quite remarkable piece, just love it!

Just like a perfect postcard from some long time ago road trip.

El Cap Tattoo

One adventurous memory.

Another love note with sun, moon and stars.

Torii – traditional Japanese gate

Fancy a cup of adventure?

“Truth is out there.”

“The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the color that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.”

Perfect camper’s evening.

Good morning, sunshine!