Lance Phan Transforms Strangers into Pixar-Like Characters

3D artist focused on modeling characters and environment, Lance Phan is the man behind these magnificent transformations. Finally, many have dreamt to be made to look like characters from their favorite cartoons and now it is possible. Lance takes your portrait and transforms it into an amazing Pixar-like scene. From wedding photos to everyday shots, Lance can make everything look magical. The key is in details and finding out what gives this animated personas their unique soul and charm. Lance nails it in a fabulous fashion and his customers’ dreams become reality. You can immediately see your character ready to be a leading star in the next hit animation. For now, the artist is keeping his face identity a mystery like quite a few superstars out there today. It’s been shown that people that don’t reach for fame exclusively tend to be one of the most talented people on Earth, and Lance surely is just that in his own craft. Visit his Instagram and Facebook for more content.

Portrait transformations by Lance Phan

This has been a long awaited dream come true for many people

Nailed it!

The best day of her life have just become even better

She could easily be a leading star of a next cartoon

Beautiful idea for couples

It could be even a great b-day gift!

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