Celebrating Foxes and Their Playful Friendly Side

Foxy on the run! It’s time to remind ourselves just how beautiful these animals are with this adorable playful collection of fluffies. Foxes are known to be a similar level of ‘smartness’ to dogs which is one of the reasons we connect with them so much. They are often seen playing with toys just like dogs but also doing the cats’ ‘if I fits I sits’ trademark move making them the perfect combination of both. Agile, colorful, adorable with a gentle look in their eyes, their lifespan in the wild barely reaches 3 years, unfortunately, which is exactly why we must celebrate their majestic presence among us, right here right now! From Arctic Foxes to Red Foxes and even Raccoon/Skunk-looking Canadian Marble Foxes, here on Curious Doodle, we love them all!

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Canadian Marble Fox

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Baby Foxes Found In An NJ Backyard

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Baby Foxes Showed Up To Say Hi At My Grandmother’s House

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Planted Fox-Tails On The Patio This Year; They’re Doing Well

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This Fox Came Up To My Brother And I While I Was Walking My Dog. Wasn’t Hostile At All

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Security Light Went Off At 1 Am. This Little Guy Found My Dog’s Ball

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My Friend Passed Out At A Leyton Bus Stop And Woke Up To This

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Foxes Sleeping On Friend’s Upstairs Deck. Last Year There Was Only One

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This Arctic Fox That Smiled At Me, At The Quebec City Aquarium

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Woke Up Early To Find These Feisty Little Fox Cubs Scrabbling At The Back Door!

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I’ve Got A Family Of Foxes Living In The Bush At The End Of Our Garden. The Mum Is Particularly Sneaky

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Rare ‘Silver Fox’ At My House Today

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Foxes Of Zao Fox Village Are Very Friendly

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Baby Fox With A Broken Leg Gets Rescued And Visits The Vet For His Cast

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A Baby Grey Fox

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I Think Someone Has A Crush On My Christmas Light Decoration

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