Beauty of Falling In Love Illustrated Perfectly You Can Almost Feel It

Love is an ancient and everlasting spell cast upon humans of Earth. Many have tried to recreate the essence of magic that love leaves in all of us. Many have written odes to love, most beautiful poems, sonnets (Petrarch), classical sonatas and many have used an array of different artistic approaches through the entire history of the world. But little of them have captured such raw emotions as such can be seen in these marvelous illustrations by Hyocheon Jeong aka. Poetic Persona. She’s from South Korea and her inspiration comes from her life shared with her boyfriend, but also often uses stories from her friends and other people as sources of inspiration. Her illustrations showcase love in its most casual and tiniest forms to the most passionate overwhelming situations that light the biggest of fires in our fast pumping chests. Take a little walk down the lovers’ lane and let your heart go back to the start and beyond through these beautiful illustrations of Love.

Dancing through the night


Enjoying lovely home made dinners together

Irresistible romance within the daily tasks

In your arms every morning


Cozy and warm after a good movie

Enjoying the gentle touches

Unexpected passion moments



Safe in your arms

Fall in love


Under the rain and aura of love


Small gentle kisses

Tender moments

Warming each other’s hands

via [boredpanda]