Pompous Albert – the World’s Famous and Frowning Selkirk Rex

Another day, another fluffy Instagram star, but this time a little bit different kind. Pompous Albert became an Instagram sensation shortly after his owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, set up his account in 2014. Just a year later, he already had over 40k fans who couldn’t get enough of his permanent “resting bitch face”. Today, his fan count on the popular social network stands at an impressive 287k. He’s been featured on hundreds of major internet platforms like BuzzFeed and People Magazine, landed commercial deals with Honda, and is richer and more famous than most humans. It’s hard to believe Pompous Albert started as a rejected show cat… While the permanent angry look on Pompous Albert’s face is the main draw for most of his fans, it’s not the only thing that keeps people coming back for more. His owners also caption each photo and video they upload with sarcastic comments that fit his look perfectly. Read more about Pompous Albert below, and start following him on Instagram in case you still didn’t.

Pompous Albert was adopted by Mike and Susan Singleton and became the resident office cat at their local business office in Salt Lake City, Utah.


They thought his white-grey curly hair resembled that of famous scientist Albert Einstein, so that’s how he got his name.

Pompous Albert is a Selkirk Rex cat with an unusual feature.


He’s light grey in color and has the curly hair of his breed, which is why he’s sometimes known as a sheep cat.

He also has an almost permanent scowl on his face and looks very angry.

Representatives of the breed are typically friendly and even cuddly cats. They are generally calm animals that are playful without being hyperactive.

“Just a reminder, all new hires need a Paws up from this troop. Any bets on how long it takes to run them off?”


Every day is a National Cat Day for Pompous Albert.

This is a precious Valentine’s Day edition of that angry-looking face.


“Morning my subjects. I have enough energy to play, but not to caption too. Need you. Let’s go!”

“Isn’t the sunshine lovely? Especially with me in it?”

Look who got the corner office. #pompousalbert #workingcat #officecat


“Am I looking down on you? Why yes, yes I am.”

“Is my face conveying “Get the F#*^ out of my box” enough for you?”

via [odditycentral]