Colorful Pop Worlds and Unique Interpretation of Pop Culture

Brazilian independent illustrator and designer, Fernando Nunes was passionate about drawing since childhood. His goal is to make a visual impact by working with a combination of bold colors and irregular trace full of details in his composition. Whether portrait or staging, the artist transports us into its fresh and colorful pop world with a unique interpretation of pop culture, like with Rick and Morty themed illustrations. Nunes tries to find the meaning of unimaginable and exaggerated. “I like to explore the fantasy and the things that are not yet known, taking as inspiration the aspects and movements that Nature provides us.” Visit Fernando Nunes’ Instagram Page and check his Red Bubble Shop for awesome prints, stickers, and t-shirts.

Familiar logos and symbols cleverly incorporated into one bright illustration.


Sorvetinho – Ice Cream


Forget about flamingos, if pelican appears in your life, it means that it’s time for fun!

Hidden in space.

Some memorable Rick and Morty characters


This little guy is an example of Nunes’ own character designs and he appears a lot in his artwork – straight from space!

Here he goes again!


Space Disco Baller

It’s Adventure Time!

via [fubiz]