Private Little Houseboat for Nature Lovers in Love

Intimacy, relaxation, beautiful nature, and someone you love… A couple with a dream to spend their vacations on Lake Tisza (the largest artificial lake in Hungary) got in contact with architect Tamás Bene with hopes of building a humble houseboat. By humble, we mean small in size, yet the one that has everything needed to escape the roars of the urban city and find zen for a whole summer. Diverse flora and fauna adorn the region with opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to go horse riding, cycling, fishing, sunbathing, and of course, enjoy navigating the lake on boats/dinghies. Bene, the architect on case approached the challenges of small space with great spirit and in the end, the couple’s dream came true. They had no fear of the space being too small since they’ve already lived in a small apartment in Budapest. The only problem was how to make everything practical, and Bene found a way. A short kitchen/galley on both sides and sitting are in the center which can transform to become a bed. A big window on the bow side with additional holes on the sides of the boat allow a great amount of light to pass through. The cabin is constructed using mostly timber and its transparent large windows bring nature that much closer to their little private heaven on water. We tip our hats to the architect and the loving couple!

Location: Lake Tisza (the largest artificial lake in Hungary)

Photo credits: Balázs Máté.

One with the nature

It’s small and easy to navigate the narrow places and find good fishing spots.

But, this is not just a boat for fishing or relaxing…


It’s a custom made little houseboat for nature lovers in love.

A couple wishing to spend summers on a houseboat on Lake Tisza asked an architect to build them one.

The idea was to live in it entire summer, away from urban chaos, while connecting with nature on a deeper level.

Here’s the kitchen (on both sides of the cabin) and an extra window for extra light to shine through.


The sitting area can easily transform into a bed, while a big window brings nature that much closer.

A lovely little houseboat for a dream come true.

via [yatzer]