20 Pics from ‘Project Van Life’ That Will Make You Quit Your Job and Start Nomad Life Immediately

Project.vanlife’ is a fantastic, most popular and largest vanlife account on Instagram where you can submit and share your amazing adventures and stories you wish to tell the world. Heavenly places for people to gaze upon and dream to be one day in your shoes or van so to speak. To actually try a van life many people will first have to take biggest, hardest and scariest decisions of their lives. Quitting a safe job, leaving your family and friends, home, shower, endless Wi-Fi and many more gadgets we’ve been spoiled by new civilized life. But if you have someone to travel with someone you love the most in the world van life is the one life the best life there is. Enjoy this selection of our favorite adventurous Kodak moments and visit project.vanlife Instagram for more amazing content.

Project.vanlife is the largest van life Instagram account

You can submit and share your adventures with the rest of the world

Project van life encourages people to try a nomad life

To travel to see heavenly places and hopefully with best company in the world

Tyrion woke up like this once, in a sky cell.


via [boredpanda]