Proud to Be a Mom – Pup Love Edition

Moms are the best and canine moms are just one more proof of it. Look at the proudest moment of their lives, these lovely doggo mothers have their sweet pups tucked in and safe under their paws. From the moment of their birth, the little pups are cleaned by their mothers and protected for weeks to come. Pups can’t really see at all, or even hear, or walk. The first few days, as well as weeks, are the most important and the undivided attention from their mother is a must. Moms bring them food to eat, watch them while they sleep and even help them poop. Luckily 90 percent of the time pups are asleep. Knowing all that, take another look at these proud mothers, who have taken the best care of their beautiful younglings. Be mom, be proud!

“The Happiest Mother”

Image Credit: anapaulagrillophotographer
Image Credit: YoungCasanovaaa

“Keeping Eye On The Newborns”

Image Credit: beagles_lovelife

“This Proud Pibble Mama And Her Sweet Pups Made My Day”

Image Credit: Dangerous_Upstairs

“Not Quite What We Were Expecting – Our Foster Dog And Golden Mix Gave Birth Yesterday. To Baby Cows. She Is One Proud Mama”

Image Credit: katendy

“Look At What We Did”

Image Credit: BlackBox8995

“Very Proud Golden Mama”

Image Credit: commonvanilla

“Rowena With Her Babies Roz, Harvey, Pru & Brina”

Image Credit: bluewonderfrenchies

“When Ravioli Saw His Pups For The First Time”

Image Credit: figuringout25

“Proud Corgi Mother With Her Litter Of 15 Puppers”

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Image Credit: all_u_need_is_luv

“Our Dog Just Had 9 Puppies And She Is Ecstatic”

Image Credit: joshborup

“She’s A First-Time Mom And Had 8 Cute Puppies”

Image Credit: MemeCrit
Image Credit: papemaker
Image Credit: daninger4995

“Last Week She Gave Birth To 8 Babies In A Shelter. Last Night She Got Her Own Room, With Her Own Bed And All The Cuddles! She’s One Proud Mom”

Image Credit: sfreeman8875

“This Mama Dog Comforting Her Puppy On It’s First Day As A Police Dog”

Image Credit: TeisTom

“I made these.”

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“Like Mother, Like…”

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“May I Present To You, The Beautiful And Rare Dogtopus”

Image Credit: zainraza12, via [boredpanda]