Behold the Mastery of Pumpkin Carving God – Angel Boraliev

Welcome to the Angel Boraliev’s magnificent world of carved pumpkins. Halloween is scary enough already and your pumpkins can be glorious for once. Fruit carving artist, Angel Boraliev comes from the third-largest city of Bulgaria – Varna. His online workplace on Etsy is also known as Atelier A.B.Carving. “I carve fruits, vegetables, and soaps into real sculptures – from animals and flowers to different objects from everyday life,” artist shares. He started this endless art as he calls it 6 years ago. Working in the hotel and restaurant industry Boraliev is able to do live demonstrations of his carving process. The goal is to convey a special mood to the guests, and as he shared, he does it every time. A joyful and friendly artist is always open to new ideas and collaborations which is the recipe for even greater skillsets and unquestionable success. The proof of that is his golden medal at Balkan’s Culinary Competition held in Bulgaria 2015.


How does Angel Boraliev make this out of a freaking pumpkin?

Imagine finding a regular pumpkin on the ground and then you turn it around… RUUUN!


Incredible, masterful, brilliant, gorgeous.

Pumpapple. Fun to say, though.


Dragon egg

Artist is the winner of Balkan’s Culinary Competition in Bulgaria 2015


Boraliev entered this craft 6 years ago

Check out his Etsy shop

Contact him if you have some new ideas for collaboration because he’s always open to a creative friendly business


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