Quirky Sayings by Common People Illustrated in Hilarious Fashion

Avner Geller is a witty man behind these phenomenal illustrations of the most common yet the silliest possible everyday problems every one of us encounters from time to time. As Geller explains: “The idea for “#ThingsThatiHear” arrived when I was visiting a cookware store in Los Angeles. A young woman was looking at her phone and gave a big sigh, turned to her friend decisively and exclaimed, ‘He wants to go to Bali. But I say Fiji!’” Geller just could not help but laugh over the absurdity of the problem the lady was in. After that amusing ‘incident’ Geller started catching all kinds of conversations that further inspired these amazing, raw, in-your-face-illustrations. And the charm of his work lies in a fact that you just know you find yourself in at least half of those situations. After amazing support, Geller’s received it has inspired him to create a #ThingsThatiHear book. Check out more of his illustrations on his Instagram.



Ouch again

Now that’s not cool to the uber drivers


Make it a loooong one

Also a long one please

Quite right

Why do I even talk to people?


It’s a passion!

That’s all of the win you’ll ever get


The positive ones are the worst.

Mine. This one is mine. I call dibs for it.

Why not stop yourself from posting it in the first place


Fishing for a compliment – backfired

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