Mischievous Nature and Amazing Crafty Hands – Racoons are Overtaking!

Call them mischievous rascals, call them trash pandas – one is certain, you gotta fall in love with them sooner or later and you’ll be amazed by their talents. Oh, yes, we’re talking about raccoons! These sneaky furballs are quite popular nowadays, they even have their own YouTube compilations and we won’t lie – we spent hours watching those. This time, we found inspiration on the Raccooncore Facebook page. This is one of those online places where you can find special collections of fabulous and at the same time hilarious photos of our stars – raccoons and they are absolutely on their best behavior. Well, you’ll see for yourself. Anyway, the page has over 276.6k followers, with even more content – from raccoon memes and stories, private archive photos, etc. It’s a real raccoon treasure! Our favorites are in the gallery below, be free to have some laughs!

Enter the universe of Racooncore

All photo source: Racooncore (Facebook)

Enter the…jar?

Enter the…garbage container?

Not a single worry in the world


Riding into the wild after looting all the money from the vault

“*zooms Around Bathroom Floor At 69 Miles Per Hour* “Yo Soap Me Up Bro”

Ooops, I did it again!


Best pajama party ever!

Hard day at work, hard stink at home.


Playing games in a getaway car


“Me Coming At Home Drunk At 4 am Waiting To My Mom To Wake Up At 7am Because I Forgot The Keys”

You know he’s up to something mischievous

The gang

The other gang


The family

A cigar after a good heist

A good sleep after a good cigar


It’s not how it looks like

Wicked strength

Now that’s adorable and scary at the same time.

via [boredpanda]