Meet Narnia, Rare Two-Faced Black and Gray Kitten

Meet Narnia, a magical French cat with two faces and they are both just too adorable. Extremely rare condition makes this feline a jewel, a true one in a million. We’ve previously covered famous Venus cat, the most popular two-faced feline on Instagram. This young gun, nearly a year old, is a beautiful cat from every angle, gray or black. Sky blue eyes make him a captivating sight and a rising attraction for all cat lovers around the world. Stephanie Jimenez noticed he was different way back when he could fit in a palm of her hand. As he grew older his two faces started to be more and more distinguishable. One of the possible explanations is that Narnia is a chimera cat, the result of two embryos fusing together and containing two types of DNA. Resulting in chimera cat, individual who’s in a way its own fraternal twin.

Say hello to Narnia!

Male two-face cat and Instagram sensation

Narnia’s first photo

‘It’s tough to be a father’


With his human mum