Rattresses that Match Your Rat’s Pajamas

Lord Duncan the Rat is the beautiful little guy modeling on all of the pics below. He loved playing in his pajamas and sleeping on tiny mattresses his owner created for him. Unfortunately, Lord Duncan, the Rat had left us but his legacy lives on through the love he gains each new day from his fans worldwide. ‘Rattresses’ is the official name of these 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm) cozy beds your tiny rodent would enjoy. They are comfy and stylish and they can match your rats’ pajamas as well. Pajamas are super easy to take off, if your rat isn’t too fond of them he can take care of that by himself. Don’t worry as you already know your ‘pocket-sized dog’ will learn quickly how to adapt to his new bed. So don’t waste any time and make your buddy super stylish by going to Etsy shop and getting him new matching pajamas, pillows and rattresses!


Meet Lord Duncan the Rat

This little guy had a quite talented owner


Unfortunately, Lord Duncan is no longer with us

But his legacy goes on

Artist sells her matching rat outfits and rattresses on Etsy


Rattresses are mattresses for rats, but there are also pillows, pajamas and who knows what will come next

Pajamas are super easy to take off and your rat can take them off by himself


via [boredpanda]