Reality-Bending Photos of Russian Cityscapes Inspired by the Movie Inception

The Vladimir-based production studio founded by Artem Prudentov, inspired by the movie Inception, created these warped photos of the magnificent cityscapes of Russian cities. Lestnica started by figuring out what the final product will look like. They based this on the principles of perspective. Every image starts with the focal point being one of the many Russian architectural marvels, such as a beautiful and expansive plaza, a grand church, or a breathtaking monument. Then the surrounding streets, sidewalks, and streets are fanned out and bent at extreme angles. Lestnica used a sophisticated software algorithm for their camera and set it in semi-automatic mode to capture each bending landscape or cityscape, Prudentov explains. Each image takes about 12 hours to process, and Lestnica made a thousand test images to fully hone the process of creating these images. If you enjoyed these Inception-like images you can find more of them and you can see more of Lestnica’s work on their website.


All photographs courtesy of Lestnica

Everything looks and bends like a rollercoaster!

By the Vladimir-based production studio founded by Artem Prudentov


Each image takes about 12 hours to process

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