Red Squirrels Visit this Award Winning Photographer Every Day = Magical Photo Series

Award-winning Dutch/Swedish photographer, Geert Weggen has devoted his career as being an animal photographer. His career started accidentally by a peculiar red fox visit to his balcony. Weggen kept on leaving food for the fox and the fox kept on coming back for more. Soon his balcony becomes an outdoor studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors and more. “By the end of a second week, the fox would come to the balcony where it interacted with various props I used for photography,” Weggen shares. After that, a little bird paid a surprise visit to his balcony as well. A new visitor a new model and a friend. For this post, we’ve used his red squirrel collection, the latest visitor of his outdoor studio. Since the 2013 artist has been a full-time photographer. His portfolio includes landscapes, macro shots, interiors, and people. Weggen’s work has been published in many counties, magazines, newspapers, and videos. These magical squirrel photos are a part of his 8 different photo books, published in 4 different languages. For more information about Geert Weggen and his work visit his Facebook, Instagram, official website and Flickr.

By Geert Weggen

Grab my hand!

Red Jean-Claude Van Damme Squirrel

Me and my shrooms

My umbrella

“Red Squirrels came to my balcony where they interacted with various props I used for photography”

Geert Weggen is an award-winning animal/nature photographer

Thanks to this artist we are able to see squirrels in completely new light, before seen only in Disney movies

This song is for my love, my only

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