Remarkable Dream Gardens Designed by Kids and Brought to Life in 3D Renders

Every house should have a dream garden to adorn it from outside. Who’s better for the garden-designing job than the endless imagination of little kids. Fantastic “Love the Garden” came up with this project inspired by the efforts of parents to entertain their children during these quarantine times. This way kids would let their imagination run wild while giving experts brilliant new ideas for gardens. We usually take our designing inspiration from other cultures, from something that already exists. “But maybe it’s time to think outside the box…” The team asked children of age 4 to 12 to draw their “dream garden”. Then the architectural designers at “This Is Render” made 3D digital designs based on the kids’ drawings. The results came back perfect. Some are so good that you have to wonder, could this artistic/architectural approach be the new trend?!
More info: Love the Garden.

Connor-Land – by Connor, aged 6


Candyland – by Lydia, aged 6

The Adventure Garden – by Francis, aged 4

The Ultimate Activity Garden – by Harvey, aged 8


The Castle Garden – by Bonnie, aged 5

Go-Karter’s Paradise – by Jayden, aged 10

Rainbow World – by Elizabeth, aged 5

Hannah-Fest – by Hannah, aged 7

via [boredpanda]