Remarkable Nature-Inspired Drawings on Recycled Wood

Martina Billi was born in 1984, Florence, Italy. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in her hometown. Today Martina lives and works in Madrid. She also works as a freelance illustrator in Barcelona, Granada, Amsterdam, and Florence. Her art pieces are made using pen and ink on recycled wood. “My work is inspired by nature and animal wisdom,” says the artist. “The focus is on the connection and ancient knowledge of the animal kingdom, creating a visual dialogue between the painting and the viewer.” Martina exhibited her work in the National Museum of Natural Sciences (Madrid), ABC Museum of drawing and illustration (Madrid), gallery the Fiambrera (Madrid), the Civic Center of Guinardó (Barcelona) and more. Since 2013 she had exhibited her work in various independent design fairs. For more insights into her incredible art, please visit her official Facebook page and support this great talent.

Drawings by Martina Billi


Tortuga (pen, ink and marker on recycled wood)

Lion (pen on wood)


Dog (pen on wood)

Crocodile (pen and ink)


Bears (pen and ink)


Iguana (pen and ink)

Seal (pen on wood)



The World Map of Coffee, at Cafe del Arte


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