Animals are in the House! Rescued from Freezing to Death in Texas February 2021

The hardest times are the opportunities for us to prove how brave and compassionate humans can be. In February 2021, a devastating week-long winter/ice storm caused great damage to North America and especially Texas, a state that suffered more than 150 billion dollars calculated in the aftermath of the vicious storm. The unexpected failure of the power grid left millions of Texans without electricity and warmth in their own homes, even leading to more than 50 deaths. 6 °F (14.44 °C) was the lowest temperature reported, and it was also the second-lowest temperature ever in the history of Texas. Animals were suffering, wild and domestic. Cold weather took a toll on so many poor creatures, but some were saved by people who gave up their own living rooms to welcome our beloved outsiders. The Sea Turtle Inc. team even took their volunteers on a mission, saving thousands of turtle lives as seen in the pictures below. “Even though the situation is dire and people are suffering, I’m proud of those who are taking care not just of themselves, but also other living beings. Not to sound too sappy, but I believe it’s our capacity to look beyond just ourselves when we feel threatened that is the true spirit of humankind,” said the representative of The Sea Turtle Inc.

More info: How to help Texas – donations (CNN).

Texans had to bring their farm animals into their homes during the winter/ice storm in February 2021.

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