Magical Digital Sketches – Halfway Between Reality and Fantasy

Romain Nicoloso is a young French artist born and raised in Toulon, South of France. Trained as an industrial designer, Romain Nicoloso is passionate about drawing and creation. Artist explains that art and creation are two elements that have always been part of his life and by observing other works of Basquiat, Klimt or Frank Loyd White, his desire to create and draw, truly came to life. Nicoloso started his creative journey in 2016. when he first moved to Sydney. Inspired by the many colors of Australia and eager to tell his own story, he started creating magic by adding digital sketches to his photographs of everyday life sceneries. Most of the time when he takes a picture, the idea of illustration comes instantly after. Nicoloso always loved imagining the world differently, that’s why he decided to share this vision through his illustrations. White outlines are a way to mark this difference between the real world and his imagination. Visit his Instagram Page where you can see how Nicoloso illustrates from his photographs different stories relating particular events of his life as a meeting, a trip or a feeling that he felt at any given moment.


Over his many trips, he takes us around the world and into his imagination to help us see the world differently.

“In every situation there is a positive thing to take from, stop to look at bad point and see the life with colors and happiness.”


“Art is more and more present in our lives, which makes it more colorful and therefore more enjoyable.”

Nicoloso also knows to quickly walk through his old photographs to create new illustrations.


“Sometimes it looks to me that we live in the world of giants, where everything belongs to them and we just live in it.”

“Coucou Hibou” time to wake up.


“Let’s use what man produce to protect and clean the planet where we live instead of polluting it.”

Nicoloso’s unique artworks got selected by the Korean and the Hong Kong Tourism Board for collaborations in 2018.


Settled in the highly photogenic city of Hong Kong since 2017, his works mix the city’s famous skyscrapers, streets, landscapes and luxuriant nature, halfway between reality and fantasy.

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