Russian Artist Draws Celebrities as Cartoons

Lera Kiryakova, an incredibly talented cartoonist from Russia, turned famous people of both current and past times into cute and adorable cartoons. Lera has a very unique style and highlights the features and intricate details of each celebrity brilliantly making each subject very easily recognizable and, foremost, cute. Lera’s work is famous on Instagram with 347,000 followers and counting. Below you will find some of her most famous work and if you enjoyed it be sure to visit Lera on her Instagram, Facebook, and especially YouTube channel if you wish to see her drawing skills in action.



Freddie Mercury

Jason Momoa

Kristofer Hivju


Benedict Cumberbatch

Eddie Redmayne

Johnny Depp

Ariana Grande


Katy Perry

David Bowie

Michael Jackson

Jared Leto and Margot Robbie


Charlie Chaplin

Lucille Ball

Albert Einstein

Steve Jobs


Bob Marley

Maisie Williams

Emilia Clarke

via [boredpanda]