Ruth Oosterman Collaborates with Her 3-Year-Old And 7-Year-Old Kids To Create Inspiring and Intense Art Pieces

Ruth Oosterman is a Canadian self-taught artist currently residing in Toronto where she works out of her downtown studio. “Collaborations with my Toddler” has heavily influenced and inspired Ruth’s artistic direction after it reached international fame in 2015, showing her how to truly let go. Before she began collaborating with her two-year-old daughter, Eve, Ruth’s style could be defined as structured and realistic with the occasional abstract flare. Eve was just two years old when they began and since then her little brother, Theodore, has joined them on their adventures. This collaborative adventure has changed Ruth’s life and who she is as a mother by strengthening the bond of communication, trust and imaginative play between her children and her, as well as pushing her to continually evolve as an artist, simply from witnessing the unharnessed beauty of her children as they create without self-doubt. Along with all of the priceless memories created from collaborating, there has been an invaluable amount of teaching and guidance, the majority coming from the children. They have taught Ruth how to accept her “mistakes” as part of the artistic process, to see and use colors in ways she never thought is possible. Above all, the patience and the importance of slowing down to simply experience the present. Most of their collaborations inspire stories which end up being retold night after night at bedtime. Some of these stories are posted on The Mischievous Mommy Blog and there also time-lapse videos of their creations on YouTube. Now, take some time and join this lovely family on their incredible journey and “find a way to fly” just like Theo and Eve.

“The Wily Fox” – “one of the largest collaborations that Eve and I have created since we used acrylic on a 2 ft. x 4 ft. canvas. I had an incredible time watching Eve create this piece and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that 80% or more of this painting is all her doing.”



“Be Home For Dinner” – “I have no doubt if Theo ever became friends with an extraterrestrial creature he would dream up ways to go travel with his new friend. I imagine him yelling, “I’ll be home for dinner” as he runs out the front door off to find a way to fly.”

“Into the Wild”




“A Mother’s Embrace” – “It is so important not to overdo it when collaborating so that there is a proper balance of each artist’s work. Theo’s brush lines are always so lovely and speak for themselves so I kept the background of this piece very light with a snowy sledding hill in the distance covered in pine trees.”

“Fierce Friends”


“Princess and the Pea” – “Eve painted the original watercolor and when she was all finished I continued to use watercolor paints and ink to create the picture above.”

“The Siren’s Song” – “To me, represents a darker version of Eve’s happily ever after story…  Something more similar to a Grimm’s fairy tale.”

“Sea Monster”

“Best Friends”


“Sisters” – “The younger sister is mesmerized by her sister and looks on with complete adoration and wonderment.”

“Mr. Hare”

“Red Lips”

“Learn to Soar”


“My Little Moonlight”

“Prince of the Wild” – “Each collaboration with Theodore and Eve is a glimpse into the beautiful, wild and joyful human beings they are.”

“A Mother’s Love” – “I wanted to portray that intimate moment between mother and child, that desire to hold them tight and protect them from anything potentially harmful. To cover them with kisses as if they had the power to become an invisible shield, a mother’s love to make them invincible.”

“The Paperback Princess”


“The end result has never been the goal but rather the priceless conversations that take place as we create together, the stories exchanged and foundation of trust being built is something I wouldn’t trade the world for.” – Theodore, Ruth and Eve

[via artFido]