Meet Luhu, Cat with Saddest Eyes in the World

There are many sad examples such are Toby Flenderson of “The Office”, Stuart Bloom from “The Big Bang Theory”, and of course yourself. Yeah, you, the reader. So sad. I could write this entire story just about you but nobody wants to read that. Just like everything I write for this site. Everyone looks only at the photos below. I’m so sad. Anywho, the saddest of us all is surely this little furry tabby cat named Luhu. He lives in Beijing with her human mom Maggie Liu and even though he has more siblings from same parents Luhu is the only one with such sorrowful eyes. Those eyes have attracted 143k followers on Instagram, yet I am still single. So sad. I’ll leave my number below. Call me. Seriously.

There are many sad examples in this world such are:


Toby Flenderson of “The Office”

Stuart Bloom from “The Big Bang Theory”

And your love life.


Anywho, today we speak of Luhu the tabby cat from Beijing


The saddest eyes on the Instragram, with more than 143k of followers

He lives with his siblings from the same parrents,

Yet he’s the only one with such sorrowful look


He’s very much loved by his human mom Maggie Liu

But still, check his instagram out and send him some love

Before we lose another celeb this year.

JK. He’s as happy as a cat could be.


We hope.

Nah, he’s downright sad.

Completely miserable.

Now he’s eating his way out of depression

via [boredpanda]