Epic Multiverses of Characters Merged and Recreated in Sandevil Sandhya Digital Artwork

Sandevil Sandhya describes himself as a dreamer with a complex imagination and we were very interested to find out what’s happening in that creative mind of his. The other thing that caught our attention was his character merging artwork series. The idea was to combine characters who have one or more similarities such as body color, materials, attitudes, abilities, obsessions, professions, and other things. And the results are quite impressive! There are few surprising twists we appreciate so much as Thanos/Gollum merge, but we’ll let you decide for yourself. As Sandevil wrote making this artwork is quite a fun challenge in itself and he enjoyed it every time he thought about what they have in common and the process of editing it. Sandevil plans to continue this theme with other characters, so, we suggest finding him on Instagram if you don’t want to miss more of his new artwork.

More info: Instagram.

Hulk & Shrek

Photo credits: Sandevil

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger as Doctor Strange & Scarlet Witch (or vice versa)

Toothless & Stitch

Minions & Among Us. They would be perfect for this game! Total hilarious chaos.


Iron Man & Buzz Lightyear

Thanos & Gollum

Groot & Pinocchio

Doctor Strange & Harry Potter


Black Widow & Merida

Star Lord & Sheriff Woody

Loki & Vegeta

Nebula & Sadness


Patrick And Drax

via [boredpanda]