Sassy Kitten and His Distinguished-Looking Moustache are Taking Over the Internet

Yes, you read well, we’re going to talk about this kitty’s adorable moustache. Gringo is still in the early stage of life, having only been born in August of 2018, but he has already established quite the Instagram following. To date, he has over 30.5k followers and there appears to be no end in sight to his growing popularity. This British Shorthair with remarkable facial features is up to great things and we are excited to share his sweet, little face with you! He is a super-handsome and cheeky little kitten, who lives in France with his human parents Ramon and Sabrine, along with a sibling cat named Milko. We’ll talk about Gringo’s older brother some other time, for now, this little charmer will hold the spotlight. Gringo is maybe young, but he’s already very successful – he is an “official” ambassador for the cat brand ViviPet. We can go on and on about this unique kitten, no doubt, so join us and explore his Instagram Page.

Parlez-vous Français?


He lives in France, although his name originates from the Spanish language, above all – he is a British Shorthair.

Mind-blown as we are?!

High five!


Gringo is the pedigreed version of the traditional British domestic cat. They’re well known for their “distinctively chunky body, dense coat and broad face”.


British Shorthair cats are very popular in homes and in the media.

Milko is watching over him.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association profile reads: “When gracelessness is observed, the British Shorthair is duly embarrassed, quickly recovering with a Cheshire cat smile.”


Spending his days frolicking as a happy cat alongside his older brother, Milko, who is also an incredibly gorgeous cat by the way, Gringo and his moustache are living the good life.

Dreaming about some cat food commercial.


He’s on top of the world!

Look at this little purring, pouncing puss!

Au revoir pourrrrr le moment.

via [catsoncatnip]