Top 15 Scariest Make-Ups by Monika Falčik

Monika Falčik is a 23-year-old make-up artist from the Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. She has a degree in Spanish philology but found her calling in the art of make-up. Now she is certain this is what she wants to do for a living. She has incredible skill and creative vision for someone who has been learning the craft for just one year. Using make-up illusions as incredibly scary tricks to terrify anyone who stares upon her new face, Monika passion results in more than 137k of followers on Instagram. “Makeup is my passion and when I’m working time just stands still,” the artist says and continues: “I live for the moments where I look in the mirror and see another person staring back. While the person is still me, it feels as if there’s someone else standing there at the same time. I find it overwhelming and euphoric that in a mere few hours I can transform into somebody else. I’m happy when I’m creating and I create when I’m happy. I hope this circle never ends.” Please visit Monika’s Instagram and Facebook for more content.

Halloween make-up by Monika Flačik

Monika found her calling in make-up art just one year ago

She loves being able to transform herself into anybody and anything

“I look in the mirror and see another person staring back”

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