Scary Optical Illusions; Our Minds Can Play Some Sinister Tricks on Us

Sometimes, our minds sure can jump to conclusions when it comes to what we see and perceive. This is what we call optical illusions; they occur when our mind tries to comprehend the best they can what information they receive through our eyes. Usually, these mirages are simple, hard to believe, or just plain silly. However, when optical illusions are combined with one of our basic instincts, fear and responding to danger, the mind creates some pretty frightening illusions. Below you will find 15 photos that depict times when different people got scared by mundane objects, some are hilarious, while others are understandably disturbing, enjoy!

Just a hair clip


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“I left my boots at the back door. When I was walking back outside I nearly had a heart attack.”

“I thought I saw a woman dressed as a handmaid about to jump from a building. I called 911.”


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Imagine seeing this while you’re still groggy from being asleep

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Not a real person, it’s a mannequin

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Another “spider”. This time a lamp is to blame.


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Mannequins sure are common illusions, no wonder that many people are afraid of them

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“Hung my hip waders up in the basement. Scared the s**t out of my wife when she went to go down there.”


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Why would anyone do this? This is a car accidenting just waiting to happen!

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“Slept over my moms house last night and this scared me more then I would like to admit.”

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