Sculptor Robert Rogalski Creates Unbelievably Realistic Tree Tower for Cats

Rob Rogalski is a master of both sculpture and illustration. On many occasions, he’s created tree sculptures, both permanent and temporary, which doubled as shelves, props, reading nooks, and much, much more. To make this story more impressive – Rob designed and built a whimsical fake tree-cat tower in a friend’s house and whole web community of cat lovers went crazy. Yes, the positive response to this has been overwhelming and so many people have expressed interest in commissioning a tree installation. We’re all so lucky cause Rob said he would love to create a tree for our homes or business and if you are interested in commissioning a tree or other themed installations visit his website where you can find contact information and see more of his art.


This cat looks so comfortable in the tree, which is totally understandable because of durable and unbelievably impressive installation, strong and cozy.

Realize that each installation is site specific and built on site. Depending upon the size and level of complexity of a tree they can take from 3 to 4 weeks to complete.


Whimsical sculptor and illustrator himself – Robert Rogalski

via [catsoncatnip]